College Sports

Husky joke No. 16

The star football player for the Huskies was failing his math class at the semester and had to pass his exam in order to play in the game that weekend at Husky Stadium.

The professor and the school board get together and decide to ask him one question at halftime of the game. If the Husky answers the question correctly, he passes and can play. However, if he answers incorrectly he fails the course and is ineligible.

Well the game finally rolls around and everyone is anxious about the question. At halftime the player and his professor go to the center of the field and over the loudspeaker the professor asks the question "What is two plus two?" The Husky thinks and thinks, finally he asks the professor if he can use a calculator. The professor says "No, your time is up." In desperation the Husky shouts into the microphone, "Four!"

With that, Husky Stadium erupts into the chant of, "Give him another chance1 Give him another chance!"