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Cougar joke No. 2

A longtime Palouse wheat farmer dies of old, old age. He finds himself thrust into the depths of Hell.

The devil sidles up to him and says, "Pretty hot down here, isn't it?"

The old farmer says, "No, not really."

The devil goes over to a thermometer and turns up the heat and retorts, "What do you think now?"

The old farmer replies, "I was a wheat farmer in Eastern Washington for more than 70 years. I know what hot is, and this isn't it."

This really ticks off the devil, so he goes over to the thermostat and cranks it all the way up. "What do you think now?" he asks with a snort.

The farmer gets out his handkerchief, wipes his brow and replies, "It's warm, but have you ever sat on a tractor in the Palouse in the middle of August? Now that's hot."

Angrily, the devil storms over to the thermostat and turns the temperature all the way down. Suddenly, everything is freezing, with long icicles hanging from the ceiling.

"Well what do you think of that!" roars the devil.

All the farmer can do is giggle. "What's so funny?" asks the devil. The farmer can't answer because he's on his hands and knees laughing with delight. "I said, what's so funny!" the devil roars.

Finally the farmer gets up, wipes the tears of joy from his eyes and replies, "Looks like the Cougars are going to the Rose Bowl!"