Guest Opinions

Election letter: Newhouse for Congress

A recent political mailer asked the question: “How can you trust this man?” I found the contents of the flier to be purely campaign rhetoric and offensive.

There are many reasons why I trust Dan Newhouse to be my next congressman. When I was elected to the Washington House of Representatives, he held a leadership position in the Republican Caucus. A strong mentor to our members, he showed respect to all who served in the Legislature from both parties. Dan is committed, competent and compassionate, adding a voice of reason to the deliberations without compromising his conservative values or integrity. His strong understanding of the need to protect farmers and agri-businesses while conserving our natural resources for future generations was evident both as a legislator and Washington Director of Agriculture.

Dan is a true statesman. I want someone who has the experience it takes to end the political gridlock in Washington, D.C., and serve our area for the long haul. Dan is a devoted husband, proud father and successful farmer with a proven track record; just the person I want to represent me in Congress.

Judy Warnick

Moses Lake