Guest Opinions

Election letter: Raymond for sheriff

There are many reasons why a change is needed in the sheriff’s department and why Jim Raymond is the man for the job. Just one of the points of Jim’s platform is that he will renew relationships with other regional law enforcement agencies.

It is obvious to me that there is a problem with the current sheriff’s office and its working relationship with other agencies. One has only to look at Jim Raymond’s endorsements. Most recently, Jim was endorsed by the Fraternal Order of Police Tri-Cities Lodge No. 7. The FOP states in its endorsement letter: “We do not normally endorse candidates without severe justification and believe it is imperative to do so in this instance to better protect the citizens of Franklin County and the officers who work there.” Those who work with Jim in a professional capacity certainly realize that a change is needed. The FOP is made up of officers representing all of our regional agencies. These men and women have knowledge of issues that the average citizen does not. I, for one, am listening and will vote Jim Raymond for Franklin County sheriff on Nov. 4. Please join me and do the same!

MaryAnn Bass