Guest Opinions

Letter -- Congress: Didier

In his June 16 letter to the editor, Melvin Adams states that congressional candidate Clint Didier will work to strangle or dismantle the full scope of federal programs, including federal dams, even though he received federal farm subsidies in the past.

It's a cheap and ill-considered accusation. Rational people understand that good citizens regularly function within our structure of laws, taking full legal advantage of public benefits even as they identify bad public policies and work to improve them -- or, when necessary, eliminate them.

Adams also frets about Hanford, Social Security, Medicare, and climate change strategy. Can he observe no deficiency in any of them? No self-serving, waste or corruption? Would his favored candidate simply ignore such sacred cows and perpetually shovel taxpayer money on every problem?

Didier is not skilled at fence-straddling, and he lacks the lawyer's gift of obfuscation. But in this current administration, I think the voters are ready for some straight talk and actually approve of Didier's platform built unapologetically on the Constitution.

Didier, too extreme? Wrong again -- that's a description I'll reserve for Sen. Patty Murray, Gov. Jay Inslee, and President Obama.

I know Clint Didier, and he seems just about right to me.