Guest Opinions

Election Letter: Franklin levy lid lift -- Vote yes

The recent article about providing emergency medical service to residents in Franklin County Fire District 3 missed the main point: a levy lid lift is needed to continue any kind of emergency medical services for our community.

Whether the fire district has its own community program or contracts for services, taxpayers would need to approve funding for EMS to continue. Once funding is approved, the fire district is open to reviewing written proposals from Pasco's government or any other agency.

Fire District 3 started providing a basic EMS program only after the government of Pasco cancelled the contract we had with them. This happened when Fire District 3 could not afford to pay the 500 percent increase in fees the city demanded.

Since February, Fire District 3 has provided a more cost-effective basic EMS program than any other agency. Also, residents' tax dollars are staying in the community, helping people rather than being paid to the government of Pasco.

A lid lift simply continues funding for EMS and lets us select the best program for the budget that we have. We thank you in advance for considering our request if it is on your election ballot this fall.

LES LITZENBERGER, Chief Franklin Fire District 3