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Election letter: State Senate: Benegas

Washington recently made national news, and it wasn't because Olympia passed a resolution about the Seahawks. It was over the matter of an obsolete bridge taking the Skagit River plunge.

This incident seems unrelated to a letter endorsing Tony Benegas for state Senate but it isn't really. Tony has served and is currently on the Regional Transportation Planning Organization. This organization includes members from Prosser to Walla Walla who meet to discuss priorities on transportation projects.

Because of his involvement in this committee, he has helped prioritize funds so that things like falling bridges haven't occurred in this region. He wants safe transportation so our goods and our people can get where they need to be.

As a licensed professional engineer, Tony knows that financing these engineering feats will be a challenge. We need someone who has been around long enough to prioritize and help fix our transportation woes.

Vote for Benegas for state Senate!