Guest Opinions

State House: Clough

I ask that you join me in voting for Jay Clough for state Legislative District 8, position 1. We need a representative who can represent Eastern Washington values, such as being pro-nuclear, pro-dam and pro-gun rights.

As a U.S. Marine, he has the experience to lead. As a volunteer and strong supporter of his campaign, I have joined approximately 20 volunteers in doorbelling more than 8,700 homes with Jay six days a week. We have Independent, Libertarian and Republican volunteers and supporters, which shows Jay's broad political support.

Sadly, Jay's opponent, Brad Klippert, is in the extreme minority of his own party and is known for not working across the aisle. Let's elect a representative who is going to work to bridge the gap between two dysfunctional parties that refuse to work together. Jay is a breath of fresh air in a politically stagnant environment.

BEN JUDKINS, Kennewick