Guest Opinions

Congress: Wheeler

I'm voting for Jamie Wheeler because I know her: She gets things done. When she decided to homeschool her children, it was a wholehearted effort that involved leading a homeschooler group to provide information and support to others at a time when homeschooling was not popular, and it resulted in her two children achieving associate degrees by age 18, rather than high school diplomas. That's just how she rolls.

She addresses everything she approaches with a determination that it will get done, and she is not dissuaded by short-term difficulties. I know she will examine every bill for the costs -- not just monetary but in liberties -- vs. reported benefit or need as if that money and liberty were her own -- which, of course, it is.

If you want a fiscal conservative who will fight to return liberty and money -- and, therefore, power -- back to you, you want Jamie Wheeler representing you in Congress.

PATI WAY, Kennewick