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Voters guide

The state Legislature decided not to send voters pamphlet for the primary election, as our state could not afford it at a cost of only a $1.2 million. That's a small amount compared with the state payroll.

Not sending the voters pamphlet is a grand mistake, which will not only confound the voters, but will also result in a low voter turnout.

The voters pamphlet is online, which is another blunder on the state's part because many voters do not have internet or computers.

Must we also be forced to use the internet and to have a computer in order to vote? The legislators and all others who made the decision to not send out a voters pamphlet, including all those on the ballot, should be made to pay from their salaries (or election campaign funding) for the cost of these pamphlets now and in the future, because they are benefiting from our elections to place them in office.

I would like to see that all of our representatives (state and federal) be made to pay for funding the next election pamphlets. It is too late for this primary election, obviously, but we need to identify those responsible for the decision and make them pay.

LEO GUILLEN, Kennewick