Letters to the Editor

Letter: Hanford workers were not always told the level of exposure

In response to the letters regarding the health of Hanford workers, I must say that it is easy to judge and be misinformed if you did not work there.

I worked in high-dose and airborne radiation areas, starting in 1978, and we were “allowed” to take radiation doses 100 times higher than are permissible today. We were not always told the levels of exposure, whether dose or airborne, of the areas we were working in. I was also in an accident that caused me to ingest plutonium and americium.

I have nine brothers and sisters and my continuing health problems seem to control my life. My siblings did not spend years working in radiation zones, and their health problems are similar to others of Irish backgrounds that grew up in the desert — some skin cancer.

This is just my story and I know of many others that were severely affected by working at Hanford. Let us remember in the early years that things were not talked about, at all, especially with the workers.

Mary Armatis, Richland