Letters to the Editor

Letter: Brault, Lehrman for Pasco School Board

I am supporting Ryan Brault and Scott Lehrman for their respective positions on the Pasco School Board.

These two men remained calm and rational even when they were being yelled at, called names, vilified, and even had some threats. I don’t know if I could have acted in such a professional manner when undergoing such a trial by fire. I am sure that they have many lessons that will help in the future to build a stronger school district.

They did this, and will continue to do this, because they want to help their children and yours learn in a strong school district. They do all of this work without taking the state-allowed compensation of $50 per meeting, just a strong sense of civic duty and service to the community of Pasco. They also accomplished a lot even within the constraints imposed on school districts and school boards by the state legislature and the federal government.

Please help me elect Ryan Brault and Scott Lehrman for Pasco School Board, they are both doing a good job for our school district.

Janice Ann Olsen