Letters to the Editor

Letter: Are other Pasco school employees getting raises?

I’ve been following what’s happening with the Pasco School District, the teachers and their contract. I’m wondering about the rest of the employees in the district. Are they getting raises? When was the last time they got raises and/or an increase in benefits; how do their raises compare to the teachers’ potential increase in benefits and/or salaries?

I’m referring to classified employees, secretaries, janitors, maintenance staff, lunchroom staff, classroom assistants, administration assistants and bus drivers as well. I hope I didn’t miss anyone.

All school employees contribute to our kids’ education. Our school system wouldn’t work without all these folks. Their base and starting salaries are all different, of course, depending on what their job description is.

How do the classified employee staff benefits and salary increases compare to what the certified staff is asking for in their new contract currently or in the past?

Carla Metcalf