Letters to the Editor

Letter: Reject the nuclear agreement with Iran

Mr. Lawrence’s letter on the “nuclear deal” (TCH, Aug. 20) fails to discuss the IAEA Iran agreement, which is to provide the baseline (past practices in weapons development) for the inspections under the primary agreement.

Critics of the primary agreement say that under the IAEA agreement, Iran may be allowed to take their own samples. The “24 day” rule in the primary agreement provides a procedure for resolving disputes if Iran refuses to give inspectors access to a suspicious site. This process is far different from “anywhere anytime” access proposed a few months ago.

Between the IAEA agreement and the “24 day rule,” we have given Iran a blank check to continue to lie, cheat, and finance its terrorist activities. Contrary to Mr. Lawrence’s “fair and reasonable” concept, the only way to deal with a terrorist state like Iran is to put a “gun to their head” — to date, an economic gun — the only reason Iran is at the table now.

Obama has used the scare tactic saying either support this agreement or it’s war – wrong! The alternative is to reject the current agreement, continue economic sanctions, and negotiate an agreement which is in the security interest of the U.S. and our Middle East allies.

Dick Hames