Letters to the Editor

Letter: Life mimics politics

Most people believe that life either ends completely upon physical death or that there is an afterlife. Whichever viewpoint they have, they usually seek a form of significance (meaning and purpose) and happiness in their current lifetime.

Even though the first one seems quite futile to me, with no eternal consequences, I know several people who accept it as fact, and are upright outstanding citizens.

I've seen people on both sides of the spectrum above who are political opposites. Usually either one believes that a big controlling government by an educated elite can best solve man's problems, or that the people as much as possible best solve man's problems at the local level with limited government. One either puts his trust in the people, or a rule by the few. Ultimately either can be good or bad depending on the character of the people.

With big government you usually get a socialistic environment with less freedoms and massive waste, and bureaucrats who aren't very knowledgeable about local issues, who spend taxpayer money wastefully with minimal accountability. They have minimal skin in the game, so they have little motivation to be efficient, so they naturally spend all, and ask for more.

LEE WALTER, West Richland