Letters to the Editor

Letter: Sleepy kids

Pediatricians say school should start 30-60 minutes later because kids aren't getting enough sleep. It would seem logical for the parents to see that their children get to bed early enough to get their sleep. I thought school was for learning. I learned I was supposed to report for work rested and ready for the day. When I was working my boss never told me, "Lou, sleep in a little and come to work an hour later." I was smart enough to know that if my boss had told me to report for work later, it was only a matter of time he would just tell me to stay home.

Why don't the parents manage the kids? Who is the boss, the parent or the child? My kids didn't have cell phones, iPod, Xboxes, etc. to interrupt their sleep. They might occasionally sneak in a flashlight so they could read their comic books. I think it is time for parents to start being parents and manage their youngsters. The kids might not like it, but tough. Who is in charge?