Letters to the Editor

Letter: Cities should support legal marijuana

Legal cannabis outlets serve the public interest. Ask our cities to permit and regulate them. These new businesses will offer proven products that people can consume safely and with confidence. Street drugs present serious risks.

Marijuana users have historically been punished far beyond the actual significance of their "crimes."

The stain of a criminal conviction keeps employers from hiring otherwise capable employees. It affects where people can live and can separate families.

The poor, who could not afford lawyers or bail, have been disproportionately affected. Let us not linger near that ugly point.

When our leaders are weighing potential negative consequences against benefits, they should discard claims by scare mongers. No one dies from THC. Federal officials announced they will limit enforcement to criminal enterprises, minors and on federal lands. They should consider that consumers want local access to safe, quality cannabis products. They should consider that many consumers are treating otherwise unmanageable health problems with THC. Ask your family members.

Let our city leaders know you support local businesses and want to strike a blow against the criminal class. The best course forward is to provide for legal sale. Hold our council members accountable if they can't accomplish this.

IVAR HUSA, Richland