Letters to the Editor

Letter: Bush lied

President George W. Bush's invasion of Iraq was the worst mistake/scandal/crime committed by an American president in this nation's history. President Bush deliberately lied when he said Saddam Hussein was developing nuclear weapons. The only real questions were whether Bush was attempting to vindicate his father's decision not to extend the first Iraq War until Saddam was deposed or to gain control of Iraq's oil. In either case, it was an unconscionable, unforgivable, impeachable offense.

Compare Iraq to the Benghazi tragedy. It is unclear what plausible actions or decisions, before or during the Benghazi attack, might have prevented the attack or mitigated the outcome. Obviously, the most important question is how to avoid another tragedy like this in the future, not to assign blame for inadequate planning, poor intelligence or insufficient resources, or for mistakes related to on-the-spot tactical decisions while the attack was in progress (gosh, think World Trade Center).

The politically motivated investigations, whose only goal is to blame the president or secretary of state, are worthless. My own first question, among many, is why the ambassador left the embassy in Tripoli in the first place. Perhaps his own poor judgment was ultimately responsible for the loss of his life and three others.