Letters to the Editor

Letter: Why the people?

The Preamble to the Constitution opens with "We the People" and goes on to express the desires of the people of the newly formed United States of America. Those desires were expressed by representatives of the people and put into practice.

Today, the representatives of the people, more concerned with partisan politics and their own personal careers, seldom put forth the desires of their constituents. And, when the people rise up as a collective body to put their desires on the ballot and vote them into law, the courts, hiding behind pseudo interpretations of the Constitution strike them down.

This country is on the verge of becoming a dictatorship ruled, not by a coup of our military or a political overthrow, but by our legal system being allowed to dictate our laws. Just read the daily newspaper to see how many avenues of our lives are being controlled by the courts, and how many of the people's choices are being struck down.

So, our nation has degenerated from one of "We the People" running our country to one of "Why the People" should even try.