Letters to the Editor

Letter: Emergency response

Here is a question to ponder: When was the last time you wrote a thank you note to a clerk or a waitress or a doctor for exceptional service?

We seem to find the time to voice our concerns if we are displeased with a product or a service. Just try catching someone doing something "right" and let them know.

Not a text or an email -- an honest-to-goodness handwritten thank you note.

In late May, I found the need to go to Lourdes Emergency Department. They were extremely busy. However, Dr. Ronald Davis and the nurses were exceptionally professional, compassionate and caring. I was not just another patient. I was not a number. I felt important and cared about.

Dr. Davis is exactly where he is supposed to be -- doing what he does best -- healing folks like me and saving lives.

Thank you, Dr. Davis. We are lucky to have you in the Tri-Cities.

You are a kind, exceptional doctor.