Letters to the Editor

Letter: Celebrating Christmas

I totally agree with Dave Colby's letter to the editor on Dec. 29, regarding our loss of freedom. I am very disappointed in the Kennewick School District requiring one of its employees to remove all items from her office that denoted Merry Christmas.

The argument is that other groups of people don't celebrate Christmas so we should be sensitive to those people and call everything a holiday instead of what it really is. Wake up people! The holiday is Christmas! We're celebrating the birth of Christ. We're not celebrating anything else. We've called it Christmas for more than 2,000 years.

If someone doesn't like it, then don't celebrate it. Go to work, do whatever you would do on any other day of the year. Let the rest of us enjoy Christmas. I hope the incident at the Kennewick School District office is an isolated case. If not, I sure hope the district looks at its policy and lets people celebrate Christmas as it should be celebrated. Start standing up for your religious freedoms, as Mr. Colby wrote, "before it's too late."