Letters to the Editor

Letter: Distressed by fickle coaches

I am a little distressed by the coaching carousel in college football, especially in respect to public universities. I assume that all of these coaches that are dropping one school for another on a moment's notice either have opt-out or buy-out clauses in their contracts. Otherwise, if they simply breach their contract to leave, the losing school has the right to sue them for the difference between what they would have been paid and what the school has to pay the new coach.

I never hear of that happening, though. Either way, it does not set a good example for college kids. I don't really care about private colleges, as those kids' education is not being subsidized by the taxpayers. And yes, I know that the sainted Chip Kelly of my beloved University of Oregon did jump to the league last year, but at least he is out of college football, and the UO simply promoted his existing offensive coordinator without raiding another school (with great success, I may add).