Letters to the Editor

Letter: Don't make any deals with Democrats

The sequester was never to be tampered with -- really?

The only real budget cuts have come because of the "sequester" and the RINOs in the House are criticizing conservatives because of their opposition to this new budget deal.

I guess it's OK for liberals to toe the party line but when it comes to any kind of tough opposition to those liberal Democrats and the socialist ideology they represent, our leaders in the House are always joining them in whatever deal they present. Obviously, our so-called leaders in the House are afraid to anger whatever constituency they think they represent. They must misunderstand what is happening in middle America and across the country. We do not want "deals" with liberals!

Well, I've got news for them -- there are many who no longer trust these "leaders" and want conservative values fought for, not negotiated away!

I realize many disagree with me, but please, if you are on the other side of this argument, look around you. Can you not see we are heading in the wrong direction? The signs are all there.

Ideology is far removed from reality!

EARL MARTIN, Kennewick