Letters to the Editor

Fast Focus: 'Should cellphones be allowed on airplanes?' Let's learn manners

Yes, but there need to be some social limits. With the advent of cellphones we now have phone calls taking place in very public places. In response we are starting to develop some social rules -- look at the signs in doctors' offices, pharmacies and other places politely requesting that people refrain from use. Similarly -- people need to learn to use discretion, not yell into their phone, and exercise common courtesy (and not just on planes -- at the airport too.) The airlines can certainly include such reminders in their safety message at the start of a flight.

I travel a lot and generally think it is too noisy to try and use a phone on the plane. If I need to call, though, I want to be able to do so. As a reminder, the airlines were happy to let us make calls in our seats when they were able to charge us dollars per minute. It insincere of them to protest now when there is no particular profit for them.

-- RON MELTON, Richland