Letters to the Editor

Letter: Proud capitalist

In Sunday's Fast Focus feature, Rich Davies wrote that he occasionally writes "socialist and unionist letters." He comments that no Herald readers have responded to them. Well, perhaps I can help Rich out with that.

Davies makes the bold statement that, "Capitalism is an enemy of humanity that makes justice impossible. It is anathema to the Gospel." That's interesting, because two pages later, columnist Kathleen Parker writes, "Conservatives argue correctly that capitalism has done more to raise millions from poverty than any other system."

Which of these fine, intelligent people, who hold opinions diametrically opposed to each other, is correct? It's easy to find out! Until 1991, the USSR was predominantly socialist. That's what the second S in the acronym means. We have a pretty good idea how it worked out for them.

Davies deserves my respect for being honest in describing his own political persuasion. We part company when he states, "capitalist ideology completely dominates the mentality of the masses, and a symptom of the infection of avarice that is now endemic in our culture."

Americans are a generous people, giving more to the rest of the world than any other culture on Earth. I'm proud to be a capitalist!