Letters to the Editor

Letter: Chiawana band took over the Tacoma Dome at state tournament

I am a teacher at Chiawana High School and was in attendance at what might have been the most exciting four minutes and 11 seconds of high school football in Washington history, when the Chiawana football team overcame a 13-point deficit to defeat the Camas Papermakers on Saturday.

I watched the replay of the game on television Sunday. The coaches and players deserve to be praised for hard work and dedication in a well-fought game. It occurred to me, while re-watching the game, that an injustice had been done. Several times during the broadcast, the commentators showed the Camas marching band, and made comments about them being "one of the best bands in the state." Maybe that's true; however, every time they were featured, they were standing around not playing. Guess who was? The Chiawana marching band. They took over the Tacoma Dome on Saturday night; they were rowdy and noisy, and played with enthusiasm. I am convinced they are directly responsible for at least three of the Camas false start penalties.

The injustice here is that while they took over, they received no credit. Give credit to all of the school's talent. Way to go, band!