Letters to the Editor

Letter: Same-sex marriage

I am happy to say that same-sex marriage -- a huge political issue -- is now legal in Washington but unhappy to say that we are one of the few states allowing such action. This political debate has been going on for years and I have yet to hear a valid reason against same-sex marriage besides religious values.

What happened to equal rights in the rest of America? And freedom of religion, including not forcing our religious views on others? I'm glad Washington finally got on board recently because those who love one another will be together regardless of law. The rest of America should follow the right to equality, freedom of religion and freedom of speech. No censoring lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, etc. thoughts or actions by any means under law. I see no wrong with same-gendered couples and believe that they deserve the same rights as everyone else. It was once not legal to have an interracial marriage but that didn't stop them. I have good reason to believe that same-sex marriage will follow that path. The rest of America should allow such action.