Letters to the Editor

Letter: This is not the time to raise gas tax

Washington lawmakers never cease to amaze. Now they are actually considering a transportation package wherein an 11 cent gas tax will be assessed. They have pompous attitudes in assessing taxes. Did they not learn anything from the last election where almost all the tax measures were repealed?

With layoffs, jobs leaving the state (Boeing) and medical costs soaring, is now the best time for a gas tax increase?

Examine who might be behind these great plans to build magnificent roadways, viaducts and road- side landscaping all at the taxpayers' expense. Odds are, special interest groups have their hot little hands in the middle of it and in the pockets of the political parties in power. Getting these packages passed is an accepted means of the power-grabbing demagogues who have been elected to represent us.

People need to be contacting their representatives and voice their opinions. Otherwise, we will have groups such as the Tri-Cities Regional Public Facilities District making our decisions for us. After all, they and the tax-happy state know what is best for us peasants.

DAVE LEE, Kennewick