Letters to the Editor

Letter: Running Start contributed to twins' success

I was amused by Marissa Inzerillo's recent letter opposing the Running Start program, which has benefited hundreds of the top students in the Tri-Cities. As a parent of twin girls, one of which is the only Running Start valedictorian at Hanford High and the other just missing it with one A-minus, I saw them go on to internships at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory and master's and bachelor's degrees at Washington State University.

One is a fisheries biologist and the other a registered nurse with a home care business. We taught our kids to read before kindergarten, love God and his word, and pray for our country. My wife honed their math and English skills and they spent many long hours burning the midnight oil. I am wondering how CBC and WSU feel about conferring degrees on these kids who earned them, but according to Inzerillo, are damaging our colleges and society and end up lowering their educational standards.

She claims she is not excited about having such educationally defective kids being the next generation of leaders. I am also curious how the many wonderful professors at both schools felt after reading her letter and just what kind of society Marissa would be happy with.

STEVE PANTHER, West Richland