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Letter: Running Start bargain for taxpayers

Letter: Running Start bargain for taxpayers

Thank heaven for the Running Start program. The so-called flaws seem to boil down to the fact that the program siphons money from the public school system. Are you aware that the public school system spends more than $10,000 per student each year?

That is more than it costs to attend Eastern Washington University! And most of that money goes to an administration that has expanded three times as fast as the faculty.

As far as programs which "prepare students to enter adult life," Running Start seems to be tailored to the ones who want to do exactly that. Years in school are no guarantee of a better educated student. Many high school students will spend 25 percent of their college tuition on remedial courses.

Students who participate in Running Start use public school dollars most efficiently by getting ahead in college, where it really counts, earning better degrees, moving into higher paying jobs, and becoming taxpayers sooner. Then they can contribute to the support of those who think that high school is all about sports teams and pajama day.