Letters to the Editor

Letter: Protection of the law goes both ways

It never ceases to amaze me how quickly liberals change to law and order advocates when it comes to laws they like.

Let's take Gordon Boone's letter (TCH, July 7) as an example.

Arlene's Flowers was not just asked to sell flowers to a gay wedding. It was asked to do the arrangements, which, more than likely, would mean going to the place where the wedding takes place and completing them. That would make the owner a participant in the wedding which violates her religious beliefs.

Boone's severely flawed analogy of a Hindu selling a gun deals with a much more remote situation. What if the Hindu was asked to come with the farmer, and load the gun for him at the scene?

Arlene's Flowers violated no one's rights. Nor was Barronelle Stutzman imposing her religious beliefs on anyone. Yet Mr. Boone wants the strictest interpretation of the gay marriage law, and he wants it it applied to the letter.

Here's a final question for Mr. Boone to ponder. Does he feel the same way about U.S. immigration laws?