Letters to the Editor

Fast Focus: 'Should personal fireworks be banned?' Laws are to protect us

Some people ignore local laws as regards the use of fireworks in their communities. They should not and, owing to their blatant determination to light fuses outside the legal window of time provided for such entertainment, if caught, they should be fined.

That's regrettable but we also have litter laws, speeding laws, disorderly conduct laws -- many laws most citizens do abide by. Part of the definition of a "community" is an agreement to live within the law.

A greater problem concerning me than a few renegades who prematurely set off fireworks is exemplified by my neighbor's teenage son, a freshman. When I asked him what we honor and celebrate on the 4th of July his response was: "Fireworks Day!" I guess I could appreciate a sense of "independence" with his answer.

-- BINK OWEN, Walla Walla