Letters to the Editor

Fast Focus 'What is your favorite northwest getaway?' Can't name just one

My favorite getaways include, Eagle Creek, Ore. (The cave behind nearby Upper Horsetail falls is a hidden treasure), Beacon Rock (be sure to do the exhilarating climb to the top), Joseph, Ore., Upper Palouse falls (which is comparable to Multnomah or Snoqualmie falls), Iron Mike's carbonated spring, Skamania Lodge, ice caves, and hot-springs (mostly around Stevenson, and White Salmon), Driving through the Big Lava Bed (north of Carson) feels like you are driving on the surface of another planet.

Skagit River is where you can easily see a dozen eagles in their natural habitat. Lake Quinalt and Col. Bob's Wilderness (named after a favorite author of mine, Robert Ingersol), San Juan Islands, Flaming Geyser State Park and Camp Wooten on the Tucannon River.

Cities have their own appeal, and these include Portland, Seattle, and Vancouver, British Columbia. (All liberal, but an occasional political environment change is nice).

My wife likes Sisters Ore., particularly during their quilt show (more than 10,000 on display). Richland's Howard Amon Park, Badger Mountain, and I hope soon, the top of Rattlesnake Mountain (Stunning!, I have been to the top for job duties.)

-- D.L. (ANDY) ANDERSON, Richland