Letters to the Editor

Fast Focus 'What is your favorite northwest getaway?' Camp Richland

I can let my three grandchildren answer this question. They visit us once a year for two weeks, and this is their eighth year. They have been to many places -- Spokane, Atlanta, Albuquerque, Seattle, Tennessee, Bonaire, Los Angeles and Richland.

Every year I ask them their favorite "camp" site, and they say in unison: "Richland."

Four things make this this their favorite spot, in no particular order. They can safely ride their bicycles just about anywhere they want. They love playing in Howard Amon Park and walking the river. They love living near the river.

But when I say to them "Why Richland?" The first thing they say, again in unison, is Rosy's Ice Cream and Diner)! They run an open tab at Rosy's Ice Cream and Diner.

-- MACK JONES, Richland