Letters to the Editor

Letter: Two simple steps to turn economy around

Several recent letters from the tax-and-spend crowd demonstrate a significant economic illiteracy. Simple math, or common sense, tells us that spending more than we take in leads to massive debt and eventual bankruptcy. If the average family can't do it, why should we expect government to do so. Politicians and bureaucrats talk about economic stimulation and job creation, then do everything in their power to sabotage the effort. Instead, try focusing on two main issues that could turn this economy around on a dime:

1. The development of our petroleum reserves and related infrastructure should be pursued unhindered. The technology now exists to do so safely, as well as coal, nuclear, hydroelectric -- in other words, all of the above. The U.S. is paying a heavy price for not doing so.

2. No tax increases of any kind at any level should be considered until such time as a massive audit of government spending occurs to root out and eliminate the waste, fraud and corruption that now exists but is hardly ever addressed. This will never occur under the current administration, but you can check it out at the Roe Institute for Economic Studies at the Heritage Foundation.