Letters to the Editor

Letter: Kamiakin should start recognizing seniors getting high school and college degrees

I sympathize with Martelle Holland's outrage toward Kamiakin High School's baseless refusal to recognize the accomplishments of the graduating seniors who also earned associate's degrees from Columbia Basin College ("Recognize Running Start," Letters, June 18).

As a former Running Start student and member of Kamiakin Class of 2010 who was also deliberately snubbed during the ceremony, it's unfortunate to see that the administration continues its deplorable tradition of turning a cold shoulder to those who actually decided to adhere to the school's motto: "Be the best you can be!"

One has to wonder why calls for inclusiveness fall on deaf ears year after year. Would a 20-second acknowledgement of those who are graduating with an associate's degree really be too much to ask for during the ceremony, or would that time cut into the precious space reserved for the overabundant praise of "district sport champions"?

Lauding athletic achievements at the expense of academics may not appear problematic for some, but for others it speaks volumes about how mismanaged and backwards the administration's priorities are. Let's hope our Running Start kids aren't shoved to the sidelines (no pun intended) next year. Congratulations, Thomas Holland. Go Braves.



Know Nothing Party

This administration has had a number of problems that have diminished the trust of the people Mostly, what I have seen in the Herald are explanations that what they were doing was right.

The IRS dragging its feet on tax status of those groups opposed to Obama or the NSA keeping track of private communications. I have seen more on C-Span and even NBC News on my computer. The Herald must have someone capable of questioning and evaluating what is going on.

As I have watched officials of the IRS, Justice Department and other Democrats constantly answering with, "I was not aware" or "I did not know" (even when documents show they did), I think they should drop the name Democrat and call themselves the Know Nothing Party.

Either they are incompetent and should find the kind of work they can handle or they are using the government power to punish enemies and reward friends. In the latter case they seem no better than fascists.

The government needs to be able to defend our nation. The NSA has defended us from some (am I allowed to say?) terrorist plots. However, when the left called Gen. David Petraeus, "Gen. Betrayus," I wondered who the "us" were. So, who are the enemies of our government now? Those opposed to autocratic government? Constitutionalists?



State Senate: Benegas

Washington recently made national news, and it wasn't because Olympia passed a resolution about the Seahawks. It was over the matter of an obsolete bridge taking the Skagit River plunge.

This incident seems unrelated to a letter endorsing Tony Benegas for state Senate but it isn't really. Tony has served and is currently on the Regional Transportation Planning Organization. This organization includes members from Prosser to Walla Walla who meet to discuss priorities on transportation projects.

Because of his involvement in this committee, he has helped prioritize funds so that things like falling bridges haven't occurred in this region. He wants safe transportation so our goods and our people can get where they need to be.

As a licensed professional engineer, Tony knows that financing these engineering feats will be a challenge. We need someone who has been around long enough to prioritize and help fix our transportation woes.

Vote for Benegas for state Senate!