Letters to the Editor

Letter: Kennewick ward system ensures better representation

The Herald's editorial regarding a proposal to eliminate ward representation on the Kennewick City Council was spot-on.

Not all council members support what is being proposed. Our nation was founded on the principle of representation. The Revolutionary War was fought over this basic principle.

The present ward structure assures that every area of the city is represented by at least two council members. Without ward representation, a group of friends could be appointed to vital city commissions and then help each other get elected or appointed to the council.

In the worst case, this could result in the city being governed by an elite group with other interested citizens being excluded. Some sections of the city such as the downtown or the east side could be left without a voice on the council.

I created the issue by running for the at-large position. On two occasions, I have voted against this proposal even though it would have been in my interest to support it.

Personal freedom can be lost one slice at a time. Eliminating the city wards is not in the best interest of the Kennewick citizens.