Letters to the Editor

Letter: Enforce laws that keep community shipshape and tidy

The Herald editorial on June 26 was on track about litter pick up. A good friend and I were up exploring an old railroad tunnel near Kahlotus. The tracks are gone but one can still imagine the sounds and the smell of the old trains that traveled that route. An owl and blackbirds announced our arrival.

Visually not quite so pleasant: plastic bottles, aluminum cans and spray paint cans were abandon along the way. What a shame. The tunnel walls had graffiti placed by artists with little regard for the next visitors. We picked up three grocery bags of litter as we walked back. And we hope the next visitors will not leave their litter behind.

The Richland City Council needs to read the editorial, particularly the part that states, "research shows that places with heavy litter tend to attract even more litter." The council needs to endorse cleaning up unsightly yards with trash, abandon cars and weeds. A clean community is a great idea.

"Cleaning up these areas and paying attention to the amount of garbage found there might discourage people from trashing it again." Richland has laws for keeping our properties shipshape. Please encourage enforcement That's the dream anyway.

JIM KELLY, Richland