Letters to the Editor

Letter: Morality and secondhand smoke

It has become unpopular to share your secondhand smoke with others. Breathing it out into the air, sharing your habit, negatively affecting the quality of life of others who do not desire a cigarette, did not purchase them or light them, but now have an environment imposed upon them. One person's pursuit of happiness has been diminished involuntarily by others who claim an equal right to happiness.

In the same way, taking our country and making laws, even to the point of overturning voter will, and creating a climate of immorality is affecting the pursuit of happiness of those who love our country and want to pursue happiness in a moral nation.

People want to raise their children in a place that has a clear understanding of right and wrong, and can fairly, albeit imperfectly, apply human justice.

People don't want to pay for other people's cigarettes. As laws are put in place that are clearly immoral, with the continuing implication that there will be an ongoing erosion of the value of right and wrong, the nonsmoking citizens have lost something precious, clean air, as they are forced to endure riding in the car full of unhealthy smoke.

SHELLY HANSEN, West Richland