Letters to the Editor

Letter: Judicial system lacks fairness in dealing with bank officials

Does fairness exist in the judicial system? Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass., asked bank oversight individuals if anyone has gone to jail for the crash of the economy. Officials responded in the negative because of success of levying of fines. Who actually pays the fines for the bank officials? Could it be the bank customers?

Individuals living on Social Security because of a disability frequently are given fines impossible to pay for small crimes or even symptoms of his or her disability.

A warrant is issued upon failure to pay and he or she goes to jail. Private life does not provide the option of transfer of fines as a cost of doing business. In addition, county budgets dictate the quality of indigent representation while bankers representation comes as another cost of doing business. Are the disabled paying with their lives while bankers are covered by consumers?

The Eighth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution states excessive fines are prohibited. The 13th amendment says enslavement can only occur for individuals duly convicted of crimes with legal representation. It seems similar to our jail economy. Does the jail economy force us all in the position of supporting continuous incarceration while paying the penalties of white collar crimes?