Letters to the Editor

Letter: Act of generosity moves letter writer to tears

On June 4, I stopped at Winco after working a long day. As I reached for my debit card to pay for my groceries, I realized I had forgotten my PIN number! The cashier suspended my order. I bagged my groceries and attempted to call my husband to get the number. Then I realized my cellphone was dead.

I looked around the store, hoping to see someone I knew, to borrow their phone. I waited for several minutes, realizing that I must ask a stranger or go home empty handed.

I approached a group at the checkout and asked if I could borrow a cellphone. One woman told me I could, but her phone was in the car. Her friend let me borrow her phone. I could not reach my husband. The woman I first asked for a phone offered to pay for my groceries and I could just pay her back. I was thrilled!

After paying for my groceries, I took out some scrap paper to write down her contact information. She said, "Just show a kindness to someone else." I was moved to tears. I will never forget her generosity shown to me in an hour of need.