Letters to the Editor

Letter: Stranger's kindess teaches lesson on human commonality

He said, "Rich or poor, in this life, we all have a long way to travel." In my waning Spanish, I agreed. Riding toward West Richland from the hills behind Benton City, I again gratefully, humbly reaffirmed my belief in our human commonality.

The man who picked me up, hoisted my bicycle into his truck and proceeded to drive me home -- miles out of his way -- also has three children, a son and two daughters. He, too, strives to help his children fulfill their dreams, as they've become so much of his own.

Miguel lamented that work keeps him away from his family from sun up to sun down, a frequent concern of my own. Certainly, if I had been able to remove the time constraint and the rust on my Spanish, we could have explored our lives' parallels further, discovering far more commonality than difference.

Muchisimas gracias, Miguel! Have no doubt: I'll continue to pay it forward. Regardless of color or creed, of education or social status, we all need help along life's journey.

DANIEL PORTER, West Richland