Letters to the Editor

Letter: Kosher deli wrong analogy for Arlene's Flowers

I have seen people compare the controversy over Arlene's Flowers to a kosher butcher being forced to sell pork. Nobody seems to notice that the analogy is completely wrong. Arlene's sells flowers only for straight people's weddings because they don't like gay marriage. A kosher butcher sells pork to no one because he does not sell pork at all. Arlene's discriminates against people. The butcher discriminates against pork. People have rights. Pork has no rights.

The bottom line in this case is simple. If Arlene's can choose to not serve gay people based on religious claims, then so can other store owners and service providers. Pretty soon, gay people will have to leave town because they won't be able to buy food, see doctors, rent homes or find jobs. Economic isolation is a very effective way to marginalize a community. It comes right after demonization in the progression toward annihilation.