Letters to the Editor

Letter: Arlene's Flowers controversy isn't about gay marriage

In response to the June 12 letters by Bink Owens of Walla Walla and M.E. Boone of Richland regarding Arlene's Flowers: No one, I repeat no one, has told the gay couple they can't get married. This is not about gay marriage. This issue is about the freedom of religious expression granted all Americans in the Bill of Rights.

Would you require a Muslim restaurant owner to serve ham? Would you force a Catholic to have an abortion? Of course not! So why the vitriol directed at Baronelle Stutzman for acting on her faith? Why is she different? Because she's a Christian?

M.E. Boone called her a "hypocrite," when in fact, she is acting consistently with her faith. Boone also said our forefathers founded this country on the rule of law. That is so right, and the law gives us the right to the freedom of religious expression. So now the law doesn't matter?

Bink Owen stated he gave up Christianity a long time ago. That's his right, and I would never insist that he change his beliefs to suit me -- but he wants Christians to change their faith to suit him.

This is not about gay marriage, its about freedom of religious expression.