Letters to the Editor

Fast Focus 'Should the government collect DNA samples?' We need leaders

I have several questions. Why are the DNA samples being collected? What information can be gained from the samples? What gives the government the right to collect the samples? Are the samples to be stored and if so, what could they be used for by some future despot or totalitarian government? Without clear answers to these questions, I would have serious objections to the government collecting DNA from the entire population. However, DNA collection seems to be a bit insignificant in light of all the recent scandals and government overreach.

It seems that the federal government is continually encroaching on our personal liberties and becoming more and more tyrannical. It seems that the number of scandals is never ending. And that is not the worst. A democracy cannot exist without the trust of the people, and this is being eroded. In days past, the politicians cared what the public thought and what their needs and desires were, but that doesn't seem to be the case anymore. The government seems to exist for the ruling class, and our democracy is no longer by the people and for the people. DNA is just a small part of the problem.