Letters to the Editor

Fast Focus 'Should the government collect DNA samples?' Only for convicted felons

1. If a person commits a felony, take a DNA swab and bank it. Odds are that the person will be a repeat offender. A sample of DNA might come in handy for a future prosecution. Every person deserves their privacy until they mess up.

2. I do not think all people should have a sample of their DNA taken. It sounds a bit like Big Brother doesn't it? What would be next, tattooed foreheads?

3. The morality issue. In the future you might be able to clone yourself over and over, therefore living eternally in a way. Or clone old Granny back to life. Too many issues to discuss in the morality department. A sample from everyone does not fly with me.

So to sum it up, I am for DNA samples for some people as outlined above, but not for DNA samples of all people, period.

That's my say.

-- JOHN VAN MASON, Richland