Letters to the Editor

Letter: GOP reminds reader of 'The Boy Who Cried Wolf!'

The folk story I often told my children was The Boy Who Cried Wolf! You remember; lonely shepherd boy who cries "Wolf!" to get attention and watch the adults of the community react in fear to a non-existent threat.

Of course, we know the ending is not good for anyone.

It reminds me of the Republican Party. For lack of a viable political agenda, they have chosen for five years to simply create chaos for the Obama administration by whatever means necessary -- filibuster of bills and nominations, obstruction and creation of false "scandals" -- to try to portray a "failed administration."

So after three months of much bellyaching about the IRS acting on orders "from Washington" to target conservative 501(C)4 tax exempt applicants for additional scrutiny, we now discover that the instigator of the policy wasn't "in Washington," as widely proclaimed by conservative forces, but rather in the IRS office in Cincinnati.

And get this: he's a self-identified conservative Republican.

The Republican leadership in Congress would do well to not follow The Boy Who Cried Wolf school of political thought.

The adults of the village are getting weary of the juvenile behavior. Republicans need to lead, not lie.