Letters to the Editor

Letter: Someone should be charged in case of starving horses

I am so enraged that no arrests have been made regarding the starving horses in Pasco. There is not an excuse that would even come close to justifying this, and no one should be allowed to get away with it.

I have never seen an animal so bad as the one pictured last week. That is long-term starvation and abuse. Surely neighbors called the authorities and reported this. Where is everyone?

Do we let something like this go on, and everyone says it's not my business, or I don't want to get involved? Shame on all of us. Unfortunately for animals, they depend on humans, and some of us do not deserve to be on the same planet with them.

We are lucky that Spot-O-Faith Farm has taken the horses and I urge all to donate to help with their food and care. I look forward to arrests and convictions on this soon.