Letters to the Editor

Letter: Edison Steet crosswalk a peril for pedestrians

On June 6, I witnessed an incident I can't get out of my mind. While driving south on Edison Avenue and past Kamiakin High School at the posted 35 mph, I saw a teenage girl enter the crosswalk and walk across the northbound lane, which had no traffic, and walk quickly past the concrete island. I stopped as she approached the southbound lane, and she proceeded in front of my car. I looked in horror as she stepped into the far right lane at the moment a car moving at the speed limit dashed across the crosswalk. The girl saw the car and made a fast turn, stumbled, but did not fall, then moved across the lane after the car had passed. I believe she saved her life by inches. The driver who passed in front of her either did not notice that I had stopped or did not see the girl.

The incident underscores the fact that going 35 mph in a school zone will always be prone to accidents and I understand a student was killed at this very spot in the recent past. This is an especially dangerous crosswalk and demands change.