Letters to the Editor

Letter: Cut entitlements but don't leave out any loopholes

I whole-heartedly endorse the Republican demand that entitlements be cut. Remove all tax credits for any company with annual revenue above $100 million. Eliminate farm subsidies to all corporate farms with more than $500,000 in annual sales. Close all loopholes and eliminate all deductions for individuals making more than $400,000. Tax every dollar earned by a U.S. citizen, regardless of its origin or place of deposit. Require that all "small businesses" making more than $1 million pay corporate (not personal) taxes. Slash Medicare and Social Security payments for anyone retiring with more than $1 million in assets.

The Republicans are right. Ending these entitlements and corporate welfare will save the American economy trillions of dollars and enable us to balance our budget once again. Now, let us get to work on the conflicts of interest and corruption in Congress and the Supreme Court, the lobbyists for big business who own this country, and let us not forget to indict the Wall Street bankers who illegally took this economy down the wormhole! This would be a good start in putting our Democracy back together.